Julia Proft

Julia Proft

Salutations! I am a first-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University, having recently graduated from Connecticut College with a B.A. in Computer Science. I also work part-time for the Anita Borg Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting, supporting, and inspiring women in technology.


My research interests are in robotics and human-robot interaction. Last semester I co-authored a paper on implicit communication with Prof. Ross Knepper, Christoforos Mavrogiannis, and Claire Liang; it will be presented in Vienna, Austria at the 2017 Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.


In Fall 2016 I was the head graduate TA for Data Structures and Functional Programming. As an undergraduate I was a TA for a variety of classes, including Introduction to Computer Science, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Computer Networks, and Algorithms.


I am one of the coordinators of Cornell's CS PhD Visit Day 2017. I am also a committee chair for Cornell's Expanding Your Horizons and a workshop presenter for Tech Savvy, both of which are one-day conferences that provide gateway STEM experiences to middle- and high-school-aged girls.


I hail from Vermont where there are green mountains and delectable dairy confections known as creemees. I enjoy traditional country music and old-time rock and roll. My favorite member of the animal kingdom is the wolf, and I am the proud owner of two very spoiled (but undeniably adorable) pets. If I implausibly found myself stranded on a desert island with three items of my choosing, I'd bring an ample supply of books, plenty of dark chocolate, and a magic carpet.